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Nwosu Ezeodumegwu, the “regent” who refused vehemently to be made Nnewi Warrant Chief by the Whiteman in 1904 because it is a taboo for any other body to become the Igwe of Nnewi if he is not the heir.

Ezeodumegwu was so rich that a proverb still exists in Nnewi today in his name: Onye akochighi mbubo, o na-aza Ezeodumegwu? (If a man does not have enough yam seedlings to plant on a small portion of land, does he bear the the name Ezeodumegwu?)

Ezeodumegwu was the ‘eze’ (chieftancy) title he took. One of his descendants Dike Anagbalizu was also popular. Oliver de Coque sang a song for him in the 1980s. Prof ABC Nwosu, a former minister in Obasanjo’s first term, is from that family.

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