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Transportation in Nnewi

The primary means of transportation in Nnewi are motorcycles. Almost every household own at least one motorcycle and the commercial motorcycles exist too. There are also shuttles and Tricycles complementing the motorcycles as the means of transportation available across the city.

Nnewi is also well known as the home of several transport and logistics businesses since the end of the second world war. Philip Odumegwu Ojukwu was one of Nigeria’s first transporters and since then, many more transporters have emerged from Nnewi.

Some of the Nnewi owned transport firms in Nigeria are:

  1. Chi Di Ebere Transport Ltd
  2. Ekene Dili Chukwu Nig. Ltd.
  3. Ijeoma Motors Nig. Ltd.
  4. Ekeson Motors Ltd
  5. Izuchukwu Nig. Ltd.
  6. Nsoedo Transport Ltd
  7. Orizu Transport Limited
  8. Blue base Transport Solutions
  9. Izu Okaka Anaedo Ltd
  10. UBI Logistic and Transport Ltd
  11. Nwa CHINEKE Ltd Door to Door Charter Service

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