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Anambra State Physical Planning Board (ANSPPB) was a creation of law No. 9 2013, and came into force on the 15th day of May 2013. A 10-Member Board was inaugurated on 23rd September 2015 by His Excellency. The de-facto law gave leverage to physical planning in order to re-order asymmetrical objects into a symmetrical harmony, for the convivial liveability of the citizenry. The Law applies to all urban and regional planning matters involving government intervention, administration and control within the entire boundary of Anambra State.

Regulatory Functions

According to provision B session 6 (1), The State Government shall exercise its physical planning responsibilities to ensure consistency in physical development.], organization and coordination at all levels of planning administration in Anambra State.

The State Government shall exercise the following functions:

  • Initiation, preparation and approval of regional, sub-regional and urban master/structure plan.
  • the formulation of a State policy for urban and regional planning within the framework of national policies.
  • the preparation and implementation of regional sub-regional, urban, district, local and subject plans.
  • approval and adoption of plans prepared by the Board and Local Planning Authorities
  • The promotion and conduct of research in urban and regional planning
  • The dissemination of research results for adoption by user organizations.
  • Collaboration and management of urban and regional data system
  • The provision of technical assistance to local.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the physical Planning Board and the Local Planning Authorities: and
  • Undertake a five-yearly review of the structure plans

Local Planning Authorities

Without prejudice to the provisions of section 6 (2) of the Law. A local planning authority shall have responsibility within a rural area for the preparation and implementation of:
  • District plan.
  • A community development plan.
  • A rural area plan:
  • A local plan.
  • A Subject Plan
  • Development control within its area of jurisdiction

In the formulation of policies an physical and development activities the Ministry shall be responsible for the following functions:

  • Determination of the locations of infrastructural facilitates and centres of economic activities in the State including the location of national career mast among its other functions the conduct of research in physical planning.
  • The provision of technical assistance on development matters to the Board and the Local Planning Authorities
  • Offer advice on State development project with socio-economic and land use from time to time
  • Be responsible for the formulation of legislation, policies, guidelines and strategies on physical planning matters and development in the State


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